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1 – Africa 1k Challenge Free Programme  (2020 intake full)

Participants who take on the 1k Challenge will go on a guided mission, supported by experienced mentors as well as peers to seek and discover how they can start generating at least USD1k a month by joining & participating on the Global Digital Skills Marketplace.

What is the Global Digital Skills Marketplace? Essentially it’s best described as the various online (internet-based) platforms that offer individuals from all over the world, the opportunity to trade their knowledge, skills and insights for money whilst working remotely.

That’s right, this is all about applying your skills to opportunities from all over the world and generating an income from it.

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2 – Make A Full-Time Salary On Google Paid Course

Google is the most-used search engine on the internet, handling more than 3.5 billion searches per day! Each year Google payout over $8.8 Billion Dollars to publishers all over the world. Tap into Google’s awesome ecosystem specifically designed by Google to help you start making money online.

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3 – The Ultimate Keyword Research Course Free For Groups
“Probably The Most Effective Keyword Research Technique Known To Man”
In this course, you will learn how to run a keyword research campaign that will ‘Reveal What Your Future Customers Are Looking For Online’. Understanding what the market wants is pivotal to success in any business sector. Whether online or offline your success pivots in being able to provide your customers with what they want when they want it. This course breaks it down step by step.
4 – Make A Full-Time Salary On Google (Let’s Build It Together) Paid Course

In this course, you get to build your site alongside me. Yes, you heard me right, we build it together!  All you have to do is watch my video series as I build out a new niche blog site from scratch. Each video episode comes with a set of follow-up action to help you along the away. You will be able to follow my footsteps as I build out a site that went on to generate thousands of pounds within months.

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5 – Five Ways To Monetise Your Blog Website Free Course

So you’ve built your blog/website, you’re getting regular visitors, your content is sticky and each visitor is spending more time on your site than the last one. However, you are still not making any reasonable money from it. In this course I breakdown 5 monetisation methods that you can apply to your already blog website and boost your income.
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