Take On The $1k Income Challenge

We are on a mission to guide & support 1 Million young
people across Africa to a 1k per month income.

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The Backdrop

Never has there been a time like this in the history of humanity. We live in a time where anyone, anywhere in the world with access to an internet connection has the tools and capability to participate and generate a steady income online. The era that the generations before us spoke of has arrived. An era where what once was impossible is now possible."

"A paradigm shift is taking place across the world. We have entered the era of endless possibilities."

"Money isn't money any more, knowledge & wisdom are the new currency. If you were poor before, you have the opportunity to become the rich of tomorrow."

What does the challenge involve?

"Every game, has its own rules, and its own language… Learn the rules, and language of the money game!"

Strive Masiyiwa

The 'make money online' game comes with it's own rules and it's own language. At the centre of the challenge is a 12 month mentoring and guidance programme (plus a little financial investment) delivered by a dedicated group of mentors & advisors who will support you through the journey of turning your skills into a 1k per month income.

Amongst practical strategies, examples and tips, you will also touch on the following...

Putting Your Skills To Work

It's not about what you know, it's all about what you do with what you know. Discover & apply new ways to turn your knowledge into income in the modern-day gold rush. (the internet)

Reset Your Mind

Our lives tend to follow the direction of our conversations & associations. Want to change your life? Change the conversations you're having with others. More *IMPORTANTLY* with yourself!

The New Global Currency

Integrity and honesty is the new global currency. In a time of universal deceit telling the truth and sticking to your promises is a revolutionary act and positions you high above the rest.

Discover Your Destiny

What contribution to the world are you sitting on? Someone out there needs you to achieve your dream so that they can achieve theirs.

And so much more

It's time to change your world and grow beyond

Join us on the journey

Over the next 18 months

Launch Road-show

Challenge Launch Road-show


Applications open

A public application portal will be made available to those interested in joining the first cohort of participants. We have 250 places available.


First Cohort Selection

The first cohort will focus on recruiting individuals from the technical and creative industries. A panel of judges will decide on the 250 individuals who will participate in the 2020 cohort.


Commencement of Programme 2020

The inaugural cohort commences the programme, with virtual training, group activities and weekly mentoring sessions.


Mid-Year Conference

A two-day mid-year conference will take place at an exotic location in Zimbabwe. This will be an opportunity for the 2020 cohort to meet and greet cohort mates, mentors and hand-picked special guests (local and international). Various tracks will run throughout the conference providing attendees with fresh new insights aligned to their focus area.


Awards Night

A special night to celebrate the success stories of the 2019 cohort as well as launch the 2021 programme.


Application Open for 2021

Selection of 1st cohort (250 places on offer)


Commencement of Programme 2021

2021 cohort kicks off across various cities across Africa


Why take on this big audacious challenge?

We are on a mission to guide & support 1 Million young people across Africa to a 1k per month income within 1 year of starting the programme. We believe that the skills, maturity and dedication of the African youth population is now at a stage where they can apply their knowledge in a way that will see them rise up and etch out a new African narrative

As we embark on this hairy audacious goal to change the African Narrative and propel our generation across the continent to the next part of its amazing story, I am excited to have the support of some of the continent’s greatest minds on board. Get in-touch (via linkedin) and become part of the greatest paradigm shift of our generation!

Simon Kaguramamba

Challenge Chair