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My Story

Some of you may be asking the question, “Who are you and what makes you qualified to teach anything in this space”. To answer that question, I urge you to read my bio (below) of how I went from wanting freedom from the 9-5 and eventually gaining it.

I’m Simon, a regular family guy married to a beautiful loving wife, I’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters too. I’ve been an Internet entrepreneur since 2002, trying out different ways to make money online. I am also a solutions coder/developer so I virtually spend most of my hours behind a computer. In recent years I have won a number of awards, most recently for my most recent start-up, however, I wasn’t always successful in the past.

I had to learn the hard way that in order to follow your passion and quit the 9-5 you need a plan. Not just any plan, but a tried and tested plan that will limit the consequences of choosing to detach yourself from the grasp of the ‘safe’ 9-5 rate race.

Professional Education

Young & Inspired

I graduated with an Honours degree in Architecture in 2002 and immediately landed a graduate job with a small London firm as a Junior Architect.

In 2004 in the search for freedom from the 9-5 rat race, I took the plunge and quit my graduate job opting to start my own business as an architectural, graphic and web designer.  It was nowhere near the soft landing I imagined.

My First Business

My First Award

Walking away from my 9-5 was brutal and I really did struggle financially for the following 12 months, fortunately, I had no responsibilities other than just looking after me. It took way longer than I expected to establish myself and start getting consistent work coming in.

Through faith and determination, I eventually managed to get the business moving. By 2005 my freelance gig had turned into a small 5 man design studio, I had moved out to Birmingham ( The UK’s second city ) and I had been crowned the Young Entrepreneur of the year award for 2006 for my region.

My Business Failed!

In 2007 the business eventually failed and sent me back to the corporate life as a full-time web and software contractor. The contracting paid very well however it required me to work away from my family for weeks on end. It still did not provide the freedom I was searching for. Around the same time the urge to try something else that would lead to the ideal lifestyle I was seeking. I was fortunate enough to receive a small yet life changing lump sum of cash from another opportunity that eventually bought me the freedom I had been looking for.

The Amazing Victoria Falls Zim!

Second Chance @ Freedom

I immediately walked away from the rat race for the second time and set flight back to my home country Zimbabwe where I had an amazing time with my folks, family & friends, and ultimately following my passion which is coming up with solutions (digital or other form) that uplift and empower individuals who are unable to follow their passions and exhibit their talents due to their prevailing circumstances. Eventually, the money ran out and I found myself back at square one looking to move back to the UK and go back into the 9-5 rat race.

I learnt one massive lesson from that experience. To gain 100% freedom to focus fully on your passion you need to have REGULAR residual income either coming from you being able to turn your passion into an income generating operation or from something else that generates enough income to pay your bills and upkeep costs. A lump sum of cash will eventually run out no matter how much you have.

The Life Changing Moment

Taken the day I started reading the book

It was in the departure lounge during our flight back to the UK that I stumbled across a book I had heard about but had not read.  The book is called the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris. On the book cover the slogan read, “Escape the 9-5 , Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich”. It really did intrigue me, I was eager to hear what it had to say.

The family and I stopped over for 7 days in Dubai on route back to the UK and I consumed the entire book in just days. The result was a paradigm shift in the way I approached the idea of generating enough income to provide me freedom to not have to settle for a 9-5 job, but instead follow my passion. My life would go on to change from that day forth.

In one sentence, of the many amazing stories in the book about people who had managed to gain freedom, the main thing I took away was the idea of creating a MUSE. Defined in the book as, ‘A low-maintenance (4 hours per week) business that generates significant income. Allowing you do the thing you enjoy most”.

Inspired by Tim Ferris I started working on creating my first Muse. I looked into all the knowledge I had in and around me, i.e identified my expertise and embarked on a way to turn one of them into a MUSE.

Wow! It Worked!

My first MUSE

Inspired by Tim Ferris and using my new found knowledge around Income Generating Niche Websites, I started working on creating my first Muse. I launched my first muse which was a 4-page blog style website answering a commonly searched technical question. After 12 months of research, trial and errors and almost giving up I earned my first income. And nothing could stop me thereafter.

“I had worked out the formula”

Adsense Income @ it's peak in 2014

Adsense Income @ it’s peak in 2014

Since then I have generated well over thousands of pounds from my collection of niche websites. All whilst working on them for an average of 4 hours each per week. The niche websites enabled me to embark on my passion as an entrepreneur developing solutions that will uplift and empower individuals all over the world. I’m finally following my passion!

Even though I now make my living from my passion driven business, these MUSEs now generate extra cash that enables me to pay for amazing family holidays, drive the car I like and save for my dream house without touching or relying on the monthly salary generated by my startup business.

So What Will You Learn?

  1. I will introduce you to and explain how the internet has turned into the biggest collection of magazines (content websites/blogs) ever and how each of these magazines (owned by large companies as well as individuals like myself and many others) are passively making money online.
  2. A window into how I have taken this knowledge and applied it to make thousands of pounds each month.
  3. A full step by step course explaining each of the steps you need to go through to build your own passive income generating content site or blog.


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