Haymaker Academy 2.0

Discover the paradigm shift taking place across the world

Escaping the 9-5 – by starting an online business

The goal of the academy is to help you, find a way to focus on your passion while making an income at the same time. Thanks to the internet, you can start an online business centred around your passion.

How To Escape The 9-5 full-time job

The Haymaker Academy will teach you 4 important things

  1. How you can turn your passion & talent into a money generating asset by leveraging the power of the internet
  2. How to identify the opportunities and communities aligned to your passion that you can serve content, solutions or products to globally.
  3. How to identify an ideal business model to help you start making an income around your passion whilst fitting around your current employment situation. With the view to replace the income, you make from your current employment with passion generated income. Ultimately allowing you to focus 100% on your passion.
  4. Which tools & coaching you will need to achieve all of the above and find the freedom you seek.

Before I get into the detail lets make sure we agree on a few things.

Escaping – I’m sure we would all agree that when we talk about escaping we are talking about an act of breaking free from some sort of confinement or existing control.

The 9-5 – When we talk about your 9-5 we are really talking about the job that fills up the best part of your productive day. I’m well aware that some of you work shift work and as a result, you don’t work from 9am till 5pm, in fact, you may actually work from 12pm to 4pm or  8pm to 8am whatever that looks like for you, for the purposes of this Academy that is what we are calling your 9-5.

3 things 9-5 says about you

– Your Are A Committed Individual
The fact that you wake up every day, get ready, get dressed and head out to the same location of work for the majority of your God given 365 days each year says one thing to me. This tells me that you have the ability to commit to a set obligation. The dictionary defines commitment as ‘the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity or otherwise‘.  I want to draw on this and make sure that you are aware that you have the ability to stay committed to something you set your mind too. You will need to call on this skill set to be able to successfully escape the 9-5.

– You Are Loyal
The fact that you have managed to hold down a job for as long as you have also shown that you are loyal. Defined as ‘giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution’, you can rest assured that you have already exhibited this trait. You will need to be not only committed but also loyal to the tasks ahead.

How many ways can I actually make money on the internet?

I know for a lot fo people the idea of making money online is closely associated with all the scams you find online that promise you loads of money for just a few hours of work. However, something tells me you have come this far and are reading this because you are willing to give this, Making money online thing a try’. ( Thank you for trusting me)

Let’s stick to basics and initially identify 3 of the most common ways in which money changes hands in the real world.

– Time for Money
The most common way money changes hands in the world we live in is from individuals trading their time for money. The amount you get paid in returned for your hours and minutes is determined by the skills you possess and the industry in which you are involved. Sometimes your location in the world plays and influencing role in the amount you get paid too. As a result, we have a massive variation in what people across the world receive when they trade their time for money.

– Knowledge for Money
When was the last time you were a student? When was the last time you picked up a book and read? When was the last time you attended a short course or even watched an informative video on you-tube? When was the last time you purchase a newspaper or magazine? Whether you remember or not, I’m sure you can see the pattern here. In each of the cases above, knowledge and information are being exchanged for money. Over the last century, knowledge has been the most traded commodity.

– Convenience (in the form of products or services) for Money
As far back as history has been recorded Traders have existed. Traditionally traders would embark on voyages to far away countries in search of riches and/or products to buy and sell back in their place of residence.  When one looks closely at what these traders were actually doing one will see that they were simply trading convenience for money. Bring this example to the modern world, think about the clothes you are wearing. Now unless you made these clothes yourself, you purchased these clothes. Chances are the person who made the clothes does not live in your neighbourhood, nor do they live in your town, city or even country.

Chances are each piece of clothing you are wearing was produced in a far away country. A trader found a way to purchase those clothes at one price from the manufacturer and sold the garments to you at a different price, higher than the price they paid for the garments. If you look closer at this example, you will see that what you paid for was not only the garments you purchased but also the convenience presented by the trader. They saved you having to have to source and import all the garments you are wearing. More importantly, you were happy to pay for that convenience.

Other few reasons why money changes hands are for creativity, support, entertainment, security and I could go on forever, however, I feel all these things fall under at least one of the categories above

Key thing I want you to understand before you get started

  1. You already have the discipline, commitment and loyalty to start something of your own. Your ability to hold down a 9-5 proves this.
  2. The grand old ways of generating income have not changed. You are either trading your time, sharing your knowledge or providing convenience in some way or another.
  3. The internet is a multiplier – it allows you to take something you do for one or offer to one person and offer to it much more. The internet breaks down location, distance, trade and payment barriers, allowing you to reach customers(people interested in something you are are providing) from all over the word. Example: A guy in Zimbabwe used to make artwork and crafts, he used to sell locally for little money and to tourists. Now he can put his work online and sell directly to thousands of interested buyers from all over the world.

Examples of individuals who have managed to do escape their 9-5 by focusing on their passion.

Julian Hearn – Discount Emails


  • Worked in carphone warehouse
  • Saw an opportunity where phone companies would offer discounts that they could give to clients
  • He started an email list where he would send out these offers to friends
  • Soon the email requests grew. More and more people wanted this list
  • He made money from the phone companies, they paid him a small amount of money for each person he directed to their business.
  • Soon he was making more money doing this rather than his full-time job
  • He went in full time
  • Talks about the month when he paid off his mortgage
  • Later built a website where he started offering these discount codes to anyone on the internet sold his site after 3 years for millions

Key Points

  • Start small
  • Make sure it works
  • Scale – by going online
  • Give yourself an ultimatum (I need to achieve X by Y date)
  • site: www.promotianalcodes.org.uk
Test prep website – PatFlynn


  • Pete was made redundant from a job as an architect.
  • Had just finished some professional Architectural exams
  • Decided to start a page on the internet where he shared his notes from when he was studying
  • In a short time, people online found him and started contributing
  • He started getting emails from some asking if he could teach them or download them all at once (convenience)
  • He put a price on the downloadable pdf and started making money( more than his full-time job used to pay him)
  • Now runs a massive blog and online podcast(radio show) where he shares all of what he is doing, publicly shows his revenue ( in excess of £75,000 p/m)
  • Smart Passive income blog

Key takeaways

  • You may not think what you know is special enough to sell – someone out there is looking to learn what you know
  • Focus on one subject you are passionate about and just start talking about it ( become known as the expert)
  • People will pay for convenience!
Selling bathrooms on eBay – Colin Stevens


  • Started in the early 2000s
  • Started buying bathroom tubs on eBay and reselling them
  • He soon ventured out to China and started buying more and more components & bathroom related products
  • Today his company is worth tens of million of dollars, biggest online bathroom business in the UK

Key takeaways

  • Start Small
  • Place your product in marketplaces where buyers come to spend every day. They are already there.
  • Try it and place something in your house you don’t need anymore and sell it
Providing free tutorials– Simon Kaguramamba


  • About 5 years ago
  • I started a website where I help newbies to the internet on how to fix something on their computer
  • Over the years the site has attracted over 2 million visitors and by showing advertising on the website the site started making more than my salary every month
  • World Cup 2014 – What I can only call and act of God resulted in the site making ¾ of my annual salary in two month

Key takeaways

  • Start Small
  • Place your product in marketplaces where buyers come to spend every day. They are already there.
  • Try it and place something in your house you don’t need anymore and sell it

Practical steps to get started

Start thinking about something you can start for little or no money

  1. Write a book, tutorial
  2. Create a course on a subject you are passionate about
  3. Go on eBay and start by selling something you have cheaper access and sell


Are you ready to get started?


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