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How we recruited Software Developers in Zimbabwe

Developers Recruitment Zimbabwe

After many months of toying with the idea, we finally decided to expand our team by bringing on an outsourced team. There was no blueprint on how to do this especially for a country like Zimbabwe.

The Background

I was operating under the mandate from my company’s board to treat this as a ‘convert trial’ to see if Zimbabwe had world-class developers who had the right dev skills, communication skills and are reliable and dependable.

Personally, I believed this to be true. Bear in mind the company’s board had already set its sights on recruiting additional dev support in Malaysia where we have some contracts in the region and I had one shot to prove my hunch to be right, that Zimbabwean developers were simply unpolished diamonds ready to shine and show the world what they could do.

Planning the entire process

  1. Identify Publisher – Find a way to get your job offer in front of a number of the top developers in the country
  2. Promotion – Orchestrate a job listing that does not feel like your standard job listing
  3. Recruitment CRM – Capture the interested parties details in a CRM so that you can build an unlimited bank of applicants
    • Build the application form and scoring criteria
    • Arrange interviews and selection criteria
  1. Office Space & Equipment – Find office space, furniture and laptops
  2. Staff Training – Prepare training material
  3. Legals – Understand the best way to carry out the recruitment and Prepare contracts etc.


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