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Keynoting @ The Future Of Learning Conference

I just got back from an awesome week in South Africa.

I was asked to present the Keynote Speech to educators and various thought leaders in the education space from within the region. Sharing my inner thoughts and story with a diverse captive audience was a truly awesome experience.

My Keynote speech was all about the thoughts that captivate my mind and inspired me when I think about the future of learning in what is termed the 4th Industrial revolution. A time in the world’s history when some of the stuff we could only imagine many years ago has become a reality.

Below I’ve shared my talk (with slides) for those of you would be interested to hear what I had to share. Ultimately the message was, in the 4th industrial revolution Africa and the rest of the developing countries have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront, establish as world leaders and transform their economies by simply changing their educational blueprint.

I hope you enjoy the video… feel free to leave any comments.

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