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How 5 Boys Found New Life In A Dead Cemetary

Recognising Opportunity Knocking On Your Door

I like to pride myself on being able to spot an opportunity from a mile away. However, I have to admit that the story which I am about to share had me wondering just how many opportunities have presented themselves to me and I have simply walked on by.

I’m going to share an amazing story that totally blew my mind when I heard it. It is the perfect example of how you can have an opportunity starring you the face and via some twist of fate you wake up to it and boom you see it and take advantage of it.

The story is set in a struggling African country. There were 5 boys who belonged to families that fell on very hard times. It got to the point where they could no longer go to school because their parents could not afford to pay the fees. The boys decided that they may as well spend their days playing football, rather than sitting at home feeling depressed about it.

Armed with plastic bags, and other bits and bobs, they made their own ball and spent days playing football in an open field across from a cemetery. Dreams of becoming the next football star were revived and before they knew it, they had increased in numbers and had a routine in place.

On one particular day, no sooner had they started their match when a frustrated late funeral mourner came over and disturb them asking them if they knew where in the vast cemetery his fellow mourners had disappeared to.  They had no idea!?? However, the less skilled players offered to help the gentleman. At least that way the football match could go on.

What followed was a series of these interruptions and trips to help direct mourners who had missed the procession to the graveside. Before long these boys were actually getting tips(money) for their help.  The tips were consistent and encouraged the boys to develop a mental map of the cemetery.

Over the years, this proved to be a very good investment of their time as they were now well known across the city as the boys who manned the cemetery. They would even up-sell other services like taking care of the grave until a tombstone was laid (in most cases 12 months after the burial). Their services were loved & needed by many. Before long what started as the daily kick about turned into an operation for managing a cemetery that was not being managed well by the local authorities.

Before long what started as the daily kick about turned into a successful business venture that turned the young men’s lives around. Impacting their community and more importantly them.

Let me draw you back to the key point.

  1. The constant disruptions came as a hindrance to the boy’s football sessions.
    What disruptive activities do you face ever so often on your trip to work, at your place of work, in your home, community and more?These disruptions are actually the gateway to your success. They are the life changing opportunities that could catapult you to success. What is amazing about these opportunities is that often only you can see them. Think about it, how many people live the life you live, work at the place you work, take the exact same route that you take when you go home, see what you see through the eyes and filters that only you possess? The answer is simple, there is only one person and that’s you! Open your eyes to the disruptions around you and see them as opportunities rather than disruptions.
  2. They soon saw the opportunity as it stared them right in the face and they took it.
    Some say opportunities only smiles at you a couple of times before it walks on by. And to some degree, I agree. An opportunity could pass you by while you contemplate whether or not it’s actually an opportunity.Once you spot an opportunity, put in place a bunch of tests to qualify it out or qualify it in. Workout whether or not it’s worth your attention by carrying out small managed tests. On the day the boys decided to take one person into the cemetery to help the meet up with their colleagues could be compared to a test. After a few trips on various occasions, the outcome was a small tip to say thank you. This proved in the opportunity and helped them realise how great it was. Others may have gotten frustrated and simply moved the games to another location to avoid the constant disruption.

Could that be you?

Take a minute to think about some things that you are knowledgeable about that others keep asking you about.
Have you got it?

I guarantee you there is someone out there who is more than willing to pay for that information.
Start getting familiar with the SMELL of opportunity. It’s all around us!

Are you currently ignoring your opportunity?

If after reading this you feel your eyes have been opened, then leave your thoughts and comments below.
 If after reading this you feel your eyes have been opened, then leave your thoughts and comments below.

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