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Make A Full Time Salary On Google

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet, handling more than 3.5 billion searches per day! To achieve this Google crawls (looks for) content all over the internet that it can index(create a list) to serve to those searching. Yes, Google depends on people like you and me, to produce the content, media and answers to questions that serve up to over 3 billion people per day.

Each year Google payout over $8.8 Billion Dollars to publishers all over the world. Publishers are people like you and me. Anyone who is knowledgeable in almost anything you can imagine can become a publisher.

For example,

  • if you are totally into specific video games, you can publish videos of you playing the game along with writeups on tricks and tips that newbies to the game would find valuable.
  • say you absolutely love Formula One racing and know all about the drivers, cars modifications coming during each racing season and you find that every second word that comes out of your mouth is about formula one, then you could be publishing content around all the knowledge you have and sharing it with other lovers of Formula One.
  • maybe you’re an ace when it comes to the bass guitar, you can jam any track straight off the cuff with no sheet music. You could be publishing video tutorials on how to play certain popular songs from the ear, or start a blog website teaching others how to play the bass guitar with no sheet music.

In this course, you will learn

  1. How Google has created the perfect platform for you to make money online
  2. How to select a topic and  create unique content (written content, videos or other types of media)
  3. Publish it on a website (that you created or rent for free from the many free website hosting companies on the internet)
  4. Allocate sections on your website that allow Google to place advertisements on
  5. Promote your website (On social media, sharing websites or in online forums where like-minded people frequent)
  6. Get paid by Google every time someone who has come to read your content or watch your video clicks on any of the adverts placed on your website by Google

You don’t have to be an expert at making money online however you do need to be able and willing to openly share and create content around the very thing that you are passionate about! It’s that simple, mind-blowing, isn’t it?

I hope you find this course useful. It has all the knowledge you need to understand how it works, take action and implement it.

It’s my gift to you. Enjoy and ping me a message in the comment section below once you’ve finished (the comment section will appear once you log in)

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make a full time salary on Google

Or Learn Online

Module 1 Fundamentals - What Is The Business Model  
Unit 1 The Magazine Business
Unit 2 4 Magazines Analysed
Unit 3 Key Questions & Understanding
Unit 4 Online Advertising - Analysed
Unit 5 Online Magazines (Blogs)
Unit 6 Online Advertising is a billion ($) dollar industry
Module 2 Google EcoSystem -How Google Enables This Opportunity  
Unit 1 The Role Of the Advertiser In Google's EcoSystem
Unit 2 The Role Of the Publisher In Google's EcoSystem
Unit 3 Understanding the Eco-system
Unit 4 What Have We Learnt So Far?
Unit 5 How Much Money Can I Make?
Module 3 Monitisation - Turn your content in to money  
Unit 1 My Story - How I Use The Ecosystem To Generate Income
Module 4 Content - Discovering The Content You Should Be Producing  
Unit 1 What Should I Write About?
Unit 2 The Diamond - Analorgy
Unit 3 Keyword Research
Unit 4 Online Keyword Research (Bonus Content)
Module 5 Get Started - Practical How To Timeline  
Unit 1 Getting Started Timeline
Unit 2 Creating Your First HayMaker Site ( Step by Step Guide )

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