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Make A Full Time Salary On Google (Let’s Build It Together)

As a follow up to the free ‘Make A Full-Time Salary On Google’ course here is the detailed step by step process for those who want to be guided through the entire process.

In this course, you get to build your site alongside me.

“Yes, you heard me right, we build it together.

Let me tell you what makes this course different.
This course is broken down into 7 stages. In each of the 7 stages, you get to watch me build out a new niche blog site from scratch and take it from start to finish.

Watch Me Take It From No Income To Making Money.

You get to look over my shoulder and watch

  • how I picked a topic of interest
  • research it
  • carried out the keyword research process
  • created the content concept before getting a writer to write up the instructions
  • published the website,
  • decided on a traffic source for the website
  • Created advert tags to place on the site
  • Went live
  • lost some money
  • Corrected my mistake
  • And eventually started doubling on my initial investment

This course also comes with a PDF checklist that you can follow step by step to make sure you are carrying out each step successfully.

This course will prove to you that the success of this opportunity is not a chance one, but has been studied understood and can be implemented over and over again.

Please be aware that you cannot enrol on this course until you have completed This free course

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Module 1 Lets Build Your Site together Step By Step  
Unit 1 1 - Select A Topic
Unit 2 2 - Research Topic (Online Keyword Research)
Unit 3 3- Analyse Results & Plan
Unit 4 4- Build Website
Unit 5 5-Write Content
Unit 6 6-Apply Monetization
Unit 7 7- Track Performance & Start Earning